Freitag, 21. August 2015

so I wont stay under this stone eternally with my fear

Then when I could I did not want;
now I want but I can´t expend my wings.
Such is my fate.
I did not despair then, so I wont now either.
But I see that all that flies alight
and that nobody stayed forever
on the sky with its bravery,
so I wont stay under this stone
eternally with my fear.
Year 1203

And I always think of you God

A se lezi Tanisa Crk od kraljeve Sutjeske, od kralja voljen, al bez slobode,
k'o lovacki pas kralju dodjeljen.
Zivjeh al vodom ne zgasih zedj nit plodovma zemje ne vtolih glad, jer se glad i
zedj vratjahu svaki dan u utrobu moju, kao tsto se vsaki dan vratcah ja iz
polja kutci svojoj isti, al za taj dan druktciji.
I stalno misljah na tebe Gospode, i sa molitvom tebi sklapah obnoc otci
svoje, i sa molitvom tebi zjutrom ih otvarah kao tsto se zjutrom otvaraju
projzori i dverji doma tvojega i mojega.
I stalno te tcekah i nadah ti se stalno. Al Ti se ne pojavi niti mi se Ti obznani.
Samo muk.
I rodi se sumnja u dusi mojoj sumnji nesklonoj da i ti negdi, ko ja ovdi,
uzalud ne tcekas spasenje od mene.
I s tom terzkom mislju legoh pod ovi biljig i tu miso usijekoh u tverdi kam da
oni koji protcitaju vide tko tce od nas dvojce pervi docekat spasenje.
Legoh grk 1389. ljeta po Gospodu kad Tverdko bje kralj od Bosne, Serbie,
Dalmeise i Zapadnijeh strana, a ja tad bjeh starac koji u svjetu vidjeh ono tsto
nehtjeh vidjet, a ne dotcekah ono tsto srdce moje stalno tcekase i samo to

"Here lies Tanisa Crk from Kraljeva Sutjeska,
loved by the king, but without freedom,
like a hunting dog given to the king.
I lived, but the water did not remove my thirst
nor fruits of the earth did not remove my hunger,
but hunger and thirst returned every day into my womb,
as I every day came back home out of the field,
but different for every day.
And I always think of you God,
and with prayer to You, every night I closed my eyes,
and with prayer to You, every morning I opened them
as in the morning windows and doors opens of Your house and mine.
And always I hope and wait for You.
But You God did not appear, nor did You show Yourself to me.
Only silence.

And a doubt wase born in my soul,
that maybe somewhere You are waiting for salvation,
as I am here waiting for Your salvation.
And with this difficult thought I lied under these landmark
and this thought I carved in this hard rock,
that those who read, can see,
who will be the first of two of us to welcome the salvation.
I lied bitter in summer in the year of Lord 1389,
when Tvrtko was king of Bosnia, Serbia, Dalmatia and Western Sides,
but I was an old man, who saw things in this world, that I did not want to see,
nor I welcomed what my heart was always waiting and longing for."

Mittwoch, 19. August 2015

here lies Asta - inscription on a bogumil stone in Bosnia

Here lies Asta, daughter of Bogčin Zlousic, but I don´t want to lie.
How glad I would now at evening
through the fields promenade,
and that kiss which you desired but never got, give you.
Even if the sky fulminate, I would not be sorry, nor shame.
You stranger, don´t touch my stone,
Let those who don´t do, do what I didn´t do,
because I only now know how singe unfulfilled giving.
1422 in summer when happy rejoiced, and I died.

Inscription from a stechak of the 11th century

"It is not boring, because I´m never alone.
Collecting the echoes of some tramontane untold words,
....but.....and assembling my worlds. "

deeper then what your depth was - bogumil wisdom 1317

You searched in yourself deeper then what your depth was.
Everything in the shell of your soul you have moved,
everything you searched,
but neither Him nor yourself you could touch.
And how needless you are now,
while you lie still on the spring-rain,
because the time has a different meaning
above and below the ground,
and different paths in which it flows.
You hang on to plough,
because that´s what was told to you,
and others you advised to hold on to it firmly.
But now you repent wishing
that you have hold on to mast, sail and wind
and touched some untouched gulfs.
Inscription from a stechak in Bosnia in 1317

Trazio si u sebi dublje no sto tvoja dubina bjese
i sire no sto tvoja sirina bi.
U sve si u skoljci duse svoje dirnuo, sve osmotrio,
al ni Njega ni sebe nikada nisi dotaknuo.
Kako si sada, dok lezis nepomican,
suvisan u proljetnoj kisi,
jer spoznah da iznad i ispod zemlje
vrijeme drugaciji smisao ima i druge puteve kojima tece.
Drzao si se rala, jer ti to tako receno bjese,
i druge si savjetovao da ga se cvrsto drze.
al`sad ti je toga zal,
jer voljeo bi da si se drzao jarbola, jedra, vjetra
i dotaknuo neki nedotaknuti zal.

bogumil wisdom from the year 1201

Carv a heavy stone for my Tombstone,
the hardest and the toughest, Pribil my brother,
so it can be a measure of eternity, and memory of my love.

But when you put a tombstone on her grave,
put it little aside,
so if she raise,
so it will be easier for her to arise.

On the second sunday of the december month 1201

Wisdom from a stecak (11th century)

"Those, who have nothing to say, usually talk.
Those, who the truth know, are silent, shadows who wait
for a spring that will never come."

Wisdom from a stecak, 11. century

Montag, 27. Juli 2015

Samstag, 17. August 2013

Mittwoch, 14. August 2013

Wikinger Sonnen-Symbol auf bosnischem Grabstein

Das Zeichen soll ein solares Symbol der Wikinger sein. In der Mitte ist ein stilisierter Weltenbaum (Irminsul, Yggdrasil) zu erkennen.

Ähnlichkeiten zur Keltenmythologie

die keltische Göttin Rhiannon im Vergleich zu einer Darstellung auf einem Grabstein in Bosnien