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deeper then what your depth was - bogumil wisdom 1317

You searched in yourself deeper then what your depth was.
Everything in the shell of your soul you have moved,
everything you searched,
but neither Him nor yourself you could touch.
And how needless you are now,
while you lie still on the spring-rain,
because the time has a different meaning
above and below the ground,
and different paths in which it flows.
You hang on to plough,
because that´s what was told to you,
and others you advised to hold on to it firmly.
But now you repent wishing
that you have hold on to mast, sail and wind
and touched some untouched gulfs.
Inscription from a stechak in Bosnia in 1317

Trazio si u sebi dublje no sto tvoja dubina bjese
i sire no sto tvoja sirina bi.
U sve si u skoljci duse svoje dirnuo, sve osmotrio,
al ni Njega ni sebe nikada nisi dotaknuo.
Kako si sada, dok lezis nepomican,
suvisan u proljetnoj kisi,
jer spoznah da iznad i ispod zemlje
vrijeme drugaciji smisao ima i druge puteve kojima tece.
Drzao si se rala, jer ti to tako receno bjese,
i druge si savjetovao da ga se cvrsto drze.
al`sad ti je toga zal,
jer voljeo bi da si se drzao jarbola, jedra, vjetra
i dotaknuo neki nedotaknuti zal.

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